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I Love The Nightlife Lauren Merkin imitation jewellery Handbags

 by: Teresa Camacho

Lauren Merkin handbags are a fabulous retro throwback to the era of the 70's nightlife and a laissez-faire attitude that existed in all merrymaking. They can make the transition from an evening out at the new Asian-fusion sushi and sake bar to all the holiday parties of the season with no stops in between. With the addition of one of these handbags, an outfit will stand jewellery website out and get one noticed at any event because the assortment of colors and textures - metallic lambskin, velvet, embossed snakeskin and studded leather - pair http://ge.tt/9dWAtaH2/v/0 up well with the season's hottest bohemian http://ge.tt/9dWAtaH2/v/0 looks parlayed down the runways of Milan fashion week.

The bags are all whimsically named. There are bags such as the Valeri and Belle which are a bit more serious but with a lightness that one can carry throughout the day from the office and perhaps into evening. Though why stick only to one when you can switch to the Viv Metallic or Prune Clutch for the evening and catch everyone's eye at all the parties. The Plum bag is just in time to transition into everyone's fall and winter wardrobes and comes in several fabulous colors.

Lauren Merkin's bags have garnered a loyal following since the company was founded in 2000, and has given its founder the creative outlet she needed after acquiring a MBA. It was through her entrepreneurship. This author writes insightful information about bracelets for women and also on http://www.blackplanet.com/your_page/blog/view_posting.html?pid=3002168&profile_id=65417431&profile_name=headydispatch5886&user_id=65417431&username=headydispatch5886.and chutzpah that her bags began to be snatched up New York boutiques such as Searle, Steven Alan, Shop and Bergdorf Goodman. From there, her fun and colorful bags went on to grace the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, and Lucky.

Many celebrities add to the pedigree of Lauren Merkin handbags and they have been seen on the stylish arms of Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Reese Witherspoon, and Liv Tyler. Husbands take note - before your lady becomes a Desperate Housewife - buy her just what she wants for the holidays - a Lauren Merkin handbag!

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About The Author

Teresa Camacho is a contributing editor for Feng Junk Accessories, an online fashion accessories boutique that carries a large selection of Jewelry and Handbags by the most sought after, indie designers.

Teresa is an independent researcher, critic and writer based in Los Angeles.

This article was posted on December 02, 2005


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